Our specialty is the combination of many years working as a “hired gun” sales force. We have been privileged to represent Fortune 500 Companies, many of which are listed on NASDAQ and the NYSE.

Over the years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in the device areas of abdominopelvic surgery, female pelvic health, laparoscopic, bariatric and cardiothoracic disciplines.

We have brought new products to the marketplace; grew the market until their eventual disposition to the likes of United States Surgical Corporation or J&J. We are trailblazers and understand the layers of challenges to succeed in medical device sales.

We also know that there are tremendous technologies abroad. We have the ability to assist in setting up a “US presence”, handle all legal paperwork, financials, regulatory and more.

Contact us at info@MDRLLC.net for additional information and testimonials.

Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:00:00 PDT
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